Let’s be honest, first impressions matter. They matter on a blind date, they matter on a job interview, and they definitely matter when you’re selling or buying a home.

Whether it’s a key room or two or the whole house, staging a home is a sure-fire way to get potential buyers talking—especially when they see an environment they connect with.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the art of preparing a home to show off its best features and highlight the focal point of each room. The goal is to help your home show to its full potential and appeal to as many buyers as possible. Staging maximizes the use of space, showcases architectural highlights, and creates an inviting environment buyers can see themselves living in.

Your home is typically your largest asset and you want to get the best offer possible. But it’s important to know that the way you live in your home and the way you market your home for sale are two very different things.

Why should I stage my home?

The average buyer will decide if they like your home within the first 11 seconds. If they don’t like what they see from first sight, they may never make it to the lower level to see your incredible surround sound or upstairs to see your exquisite bathroom. First impressions matter—and they can make all the difference between a swift sale and a house that stays on the market for months.

Buying a home is emotional, and there’s plenty of competition. Anything a buyer finds unappealing will begin the process of a lower offer. Usually the offer is reduced by much more than the cost to fix or replace the problem area. But there’s no need to lose a single potential buyer. Stage your home with The Living Door before your home goes on the market.

Can we afford home staging?

It is more cost effective to invest in staging your home than to lower the asking price. Home staging typically costs less than your first price reduction. I do my best to be sensitive to all budgets and will help you choose the most cost-effective approach.

“From million dollar estates to entry level homes, Ruth Ann has always been the valuable “pinch hitter” in my real estate career. Whether it be a quick opinion on a new flooring choice or an entire house that needs to be staged, Ruth Ann works at a feverish pace, creates tasteful spaces and produces results that sell.” – Janelle