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Looking for an interior designer in Sioux Falls?

I’ve been doing interior design in Sioux Falls for more than 10 years, but how long I’ve been doing it doesn’t matter as much as how I do it—or more specifically, how we do it. Together.

Interior design is so much more than picking out tile, paint colors, and decor. It’s about discovering your style and finding what makes you happy.

My inspiration comes from my clients. The more I get to know you, the more excited I am to put who you are into every aspect of your home’s design. I get joy from dreaming big for you and ensuring your needs are being met every step of the way.

If you’re wondering what the process is like, here’s how I do it at The Living Door.

The Interior Design Process

It all begins with you letting me know your goal, whether it’s modernizing your kitchen, renovating your entire basement, or just getting started with your design + build project. From there, I take a look at your home. Whether you’re in Sioux Falls or I need to travel to get to you, I’m happy to meet you where you are. While I’m there, I’ll give you some simple ideas and talk with you about your budget, timelines, and anything else you think I should know. 

I’ll also talk with you about how your life “runs.” What’s your morning routine? What’s it like in the evenings? Once I know a little more about you, I can make sure our design fits your family perfectly.

After another conversation or two to make sure we’re on the same page, the real fun starts. We decide on a final budget together and then I work with you on every decision moving forward. From picking grout colors to selecting lights and wall decor, I use your input and preferences to come up with a style that feels right to you. While I’ll always be honest about what I recommend, I’ll also encourage you to make the choices that make you happy.

Finally, when the project is complete, we take photos, we celebrate, and you get to enjoy a room that truly feels like home.

The Living Door Difference

Some interior designers rely on their same style for every project. My projects are always personalized. When you partner with me, you get a one-of-a-kind interior design—without breaking the bank. 

My specialty areas include:
•  Color selection
•  Fabric selection
•  Textures 
•  Wallpaper
•  Curtains
•  Lighting
•  Wall decor
•  Furniture selection
•  Accessorizing

Style-wise, I’m all about balance in my designs. Textures, colors, and unique features should all work together to let your personality come through, drawing the eye not just to one piece, but to the entire room.

When it’s all said and done, I’m an interior designer who is truly passionate about seeing the potential of what could be and helping you turn it into perfection you can live in.

If you’re ready to talk about your interior design needs, contact me and let’s talk about it!