Remodeling Design

Some people love their houses, but have always wanted to redo a room or two. If that sounds like you, remodeling might be your best option. I’ve had clients remodel single rooms and others who have remodeled their entire homes (literally!). However big the project may be, I would love to work alongside you in the redesign process from concept to completion.

Your Remodeling Team

The first step in taking on a remodel is putting together a team you can trust. Choosing the right contractor isn’t just important—it’s essential. With my experience in the industry and an understanding of your needs, I’m happy to help with contractor suggestions.

Designing For You

After that, we collaborate on a budget, a design, and a plan. This is the stage where we start to create spaces that are a direct reflection of your lifestyle. We’ll customize each feature to make sure what you’ve always wanted is what you get.

Along every step, I’ll work closely with the contractor, staying fully available to answer any and all questions you have as the building phase unfolds. I stop by the job site regularly to ensure work is progressing on schedule and as planned. I pride myself in being available for the small and large decisions on and off the jobsite, so you know you’re getting exactly what you want and need.

My Remodeling Philosophy

I always strive to create interiors that are timeless, rich in style, and conversation inspiring. I also want your remodeled space to fill you with joy every time you walk into it. 

If the next step for you is a remodel, I would love to partner with you in making it happen. Contact me today so we can get started on a design you’ll want to show off to everyone the minute it’s finished.