Ruth Ann

I have a track record of going all-in on my projects, but mostly that's just the way I live my life. My husband, Pete, and my two beautiful daughters already know this. We get a little rowdy during Minnesota Vikings games. I usually have an emergency Diet Mountain Dew and some carpet samples jostling around in my car. And, hitting up Chevy's or fun girl's day out shopping are a few of my favorite pastimes.

My clients and my family are amazing. The trust, relationship, laughs and even tears we share are the most amazing gifts I could ever dream of. It reminds me that not everyone stands in an empty shower and talks about what color of tiles we should do in the new design. I'm continously wowed that I'm blessed with these deep relationships.

If the last 10 years of interior design have taught me anything about myself, it's that this self discovery and home makeover process is my heart and soul, and money talk isn't my favorite. My promise is to push you, to encourage you to embrace what you love and trust the process of bringing your dream home to life.

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